Token Sale and MarketingOur choices explained


The ICO launch is one year after the idea, website and tokens where created because of multiple reasons. For one because the market was unstable at that time and we didn’t want our investors to lose their money. The crypto market shows more and more signs of maturity and that’s why we believe this is a good time to launch. For the pre-ICO we choose a low softcap because we can achieve a lot with a low budget. We think this is enough to prove our network will be working stable.


Token Design

We chose for the TRX network because of it’s potential, speed and cheap transaction. We think the Tron network suits best with Digital Telecom network.

For the token logo we chose a simple and calm design that is clearly recognizable for everyone.



  • We believe in quality:
    We want to deliver a quality product, because we believe this is the key to succes.
  • Low costs:
    Keeping our costs low from the beginning will be beneficial for the long term.
  • Proof of working system:
    This, combined with the culture that must exist for innovation and creativity to flourish, means that new community members will be attracted to the organization.

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